Ballet Classes

We offer ballet classes for all ages and abilities. We follow the Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) ballet syllabus and hold regular RAD examination sessions. The Royal Academy of Dance is the most influential ballet educators worldwide.  It provides a ballet education syllabus and schedule of examinations that develop technique, artisry, performance and musicality skills. RAD teachers are highly trained and qualified and follow a program of continuing professional development. See Royal Academy of Dance for more info.


Pre-School Ballet 

This is a fun and imaginative ballet class for pre-school children. Through stories, mine and song, children learn introductory ballet steps and enjoy dancing with their friends. It is a great introduction to the world of ballet and dance.



Pre-primary & Primary Ballet

These classes are the first grades of the Royal Academy of Dance. They are structured technical classes that are also very fun and imaginative.



Grade 1 - Grade 8 Ballet

The graded 1 - 8 ballet syllabus provides a detailed and broad ballet education to students. It develops technical, musical and performance skills. Grades 6 - 8 are now accredited and count as university UCAS points.



Intermediate & Advanced Ballet

These are vocational graded examinations for serious and talented students that prepare students for a career in dance. These examinaitons are recongised by the leading London dance colleges and are also accredited as university UCAS points.



Pointe work

This class is for students who have reached a level of technique to learn the art of pointe work. Students are invited to attend this class when they are technically strong enough to participate safely.